Chinese Bible Church of West Los Angeles was founded on January 6, 1975 by Rev. Philip Lee and a group of brothers and sisters who love our Lord Jesus Christ. Rev. Philip Lee was originally associated with the Evangelize China Fellowship, founded by the late Rev. Andrew Gih. Since the founding of Chinese Bible Church of West Los Angeles, we have not belonged to any denomination and remained an independent Bible-believing church, which seeks to build and govern the church according to biblical principles.

In July 1992, Rev. Philip retired as our pastor. Now the church is under the leadership of pastoral staffs and the members of our church board. By God’s abundant grace, we grew from a church of ten-plus members to a church of more than two hundred people. Due to our proximity to UCLA and Santa Monica College, a high percentage of our church is made up of college students. Because of this, we have experienced a high turnover rate over the years, yet every year we come to see many commit their lives to Jesus Christ. As these students complete their college education, they return to China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, and all over the United States where they continue to serve the Lord in local churches.

Our weekly gatherings include: Chinese Sunday Worship Service, English Sunday Worship Service, Adults Sunday School, Children Sunday School, Chinese Prayer Meeting, English Prayer Meeting, and fellowship groups for different ages and language groups; all are designed to help us grow in our faith. By God’s grace, it is our desire that we will all obey the commands of our Lord Jesus Christ with unity, love one another, and testify for God’s grace.

Sunday Worship – 11am